Genealogy of Irish Swanton Family,  Mainly South West Cork Courtesy Louise Mary Swanton Chicago.





The book details the extraordinary work done by Mrs. Swanton.  Records from various sources old newspaper extracts and apart from these Swantons it throws light on other families in West Cork.





From Ginni Swanton.  This book was written by Louise May Swanton, Chicago in 1989. She married into the Swanton family and spent an incredible amount of time and energy researching he family.

At the conclusion of the Irish section Mrs.Swanton mentions the lack of Catholic records as she was not then able to access the relevant records.  Now through irishgenealogy these are the most accessible records in some cases for Cork from the late 18th century and free, online.  Apart from Catholic Swantons there are reference  to Protestant Swantons who stood in as sponsors or witnesses.   The Civil records are now available online from the same site.