Genealogy of Ronayne Family, Co. Cork Extended Family Network include Protestant O’Donovans Originally Union Hall, Mounpelier/Douglas, Cork on Ronayne Marriage Later Chieftans of the O’Donovans, Evans of Caheragh, Evansons of Durrus.


This was compiled wehn the author had access to the Public Records Offcie Records destroyed by irish patriots in 1922.  The meticilous records throw light not jut on the Ronaynes but multiple other failies. land tenure adn social mores.


Many of the land owning branches of the Ronaynes conformed to the Church of Ireland due to the Penal Laws.  They formed part of a network of old Irish families while Protestant tended still to marry within the old extended network.  Some of the families look like late arrivals such as the Dunmanway Shouldhams but they are Mccarthy on the founding female line.  The same pattern is exhibited elsewhere as the headline surname will often not show the complex origin of the family.  It is common on detailed histories of the families to see old archives, deeds etc being retained by the protestant Branches such as the Kearneys of Garretstown, The O’Donovan Skibbereen, the Sarsfields of Doughcloyne among others.


Cork Convert Rolls:








Courtesy Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 1919 and subsequent revisions and this edition—including the index—produced by Thomas Ronayne, Detroit, Michigan, for purposes of genealogical research, August, 1998.


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