Irish Speaking Judges, James Philpott Curran, Robert Day, Barry Yelverton (Baron Avonmore), Dominic Trant, Kings Advocate in Admiralty Court.

The Laws and Other Legalities of Ireland, 1689-1850


 Seán Patrick Donlan


Dominic Trant:


Some Cork Lawyers:


1736-1805 Barry Yelverton BA TCD, First Baron Avonmore Admitted Middle Temple 1759, Irish Bar 1764, MP Carrigfergus, Attorney General, Chief Baron Irish Court of Exchequer 1783 Kanturk, Eldest son of Francis late Taught by Rev Charles Egan Charlevile School, he himself taught in Dublin acting as Usher to Dr. Andrew Buck who ran the Hibernian Acaademy. Learned irish. Admission Middle Temple Register 1661-1781, Vol 1, Linen Hall Library Belfast. Supported repeal of Penal Laws, m Mary Nugent, Clonlost, Co. Westmeath Friends with Capuchin Father Art O’Leary (born Dunmanway wit, public figure) 1786


1750-1817 John Philpot Curran TCD Barrister, MP, Patriot, Poet, Orator, Master of the Irish Rolls, Privy Councellor Son of James and Sarah nee Philpot. Ed Nicholas Boyce Midleton Ferr School under Carey m Sarah Creagh. Fluent Irish speaker from childhood. Appeared in the 1798 trials for Napper Tandy, William Drennan, Wolfe Tone opposed the Act of Union. Curran, John Philpot b. July 24, 1750 d. October 14, 1817
Irish politician and judge. Born in Newmarket, Cork, where his father, a descendant of one of Cromwell’s soldiers, was seneschal to the manor-court, Curran was educated at Midleton, through the kind help of a friend, the Rev. Nathaniel Boyse, and at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1773, having taken his MA degree, he entered the Middle Temple. In 1774 he married a lady who brought him a small dowry; but the marriage proved unhappy, and Mrs. Curran finally left her husband. In 1775 Curran was…[Read More] (Bio by: Connie Nisinger)
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Memorial erected by sons in Newmarket Graveyard. Features in James Joyce Ulysses ‘Who would have you now like John Philpot Curran? Psha (7.739-40)