West Cork History

The Dairyman, a Vanished 18th and 19th century Occupation, now may make a type of comeback with the ending of Milk Quotas, 1741 reference on Kenmare Estate, Dairy Agreement 1897.

There are references from the early 18th century to Dairymen. This was where a family rented a herd of cows from either a Landlord or a large tenant. The ‘rent’ would usually be high but a good dairyman with his family could make good money. The agreement below sets out the terms which were probably standard for a sizeable letting, done in an attorney’s office. The coming of the Land Acts in the early 20th century effectively finished this line of work.

The ending of milk quotas is again opening up new forms of farm organisation.

the Sullivan (Ceohanach/Johnny Owens)family for example originated in the Cousane/Kealkil area and over a number of generations were variously in Molivard, Derrysullivan, Dromreagh, Mulloch…

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