West Cork History


Rossmore (310 acres) (Irish: Ros Mor, meaning ‘large copse or large promontory’). Location of Rossmore Castle in ruins former McCarthy sometimes ascribed to O’Mahony  tower house and location of former slate quarry.   In the field west of Attridges off the road there is believed to be a famine graveyard as told to Nancy Dukelow by her father Tom.  This may be in fact the  graveyard marked ‘cillín’ on the ordnance survey map to the east of Attridges in Jimmy Hegarty’s yard which David Shannon of Rossmore says may also have been the site of an old church or a pre workhouse refuge for destitute people.

This Castle is often cited as an O’Mahony one, the stone work and the mortar binding of sea pebbles and horse blood is more consistent with other McCarthy Castles in the area.

Some years ago during reclamation work in the area…

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