1708 Deed and Feoffment, Donogh Daly, Farnanmanagh, Kilcrohane, West Cork, Witness Owen Daly.

It is possible that the Bechers had Daly join in the deed to perfect their title.


Total relinquishment and transfer of all rights of ownership in land from one individual to another.

A feoffment in old England was a transfer of property that gave the new owner the right to sell the land as well as the right topass it on to his heirs.

An essential element of feoffment was livery of seisin, a ceremony for transferring the possession of real property from oneperson to another.

Feoffment is also known as enfeoffment.

It is probably that shortly before the Daly lands in Kilcrohane were forfeit.


Type of deed Date of current deed 18 Sep 1708 Vol Page Memorial
Feofment Date of earlier deed 2 155 348
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
1 WD WM BECHER Lionel of
2 P2D BECHER Thomas of Sherkin, By of West Carberry, COR Esq
3 P1D DALY Donogh of Farinmanagh, By of West Carberry, COR Gent A
4 WD DALY Owen of
5 WD FORBIS Henry of
6 WM GARY John of
7 WD NOTTER Henry of
8 WM POLDEN Thomas of
9 REG SULLIVAN Jo’n of Cork City
Abstract Comment for person [1] :
Person [3] :town & lands of Farrimanagh, Kilerohane, COR
MS Date registered 3 Mar 1708 Date abstract added 20120119

Abstract made by: MOS