Frys (Frieze) Trousers from Copithorns Woolen Mills, Bantry, West Cork. Mrs Clara Ford, wife of Henry in 1912 stayed in Vickerys Hotel bought cloth for suit at Copithorns, visited her aunt Annie near Clonakilty

Up to about 70 years age as pronounced Frys (freize)  trousers were in common use by farmers when working or shearing sheep. Made from a rough stiff woolen cloth they tended after time to rot from the bottom up in an era before wellington boots.   The normal itching from wool was mitigated as many wore ‘long johns’.  Copithornes also made blankets and finer products and at one time were major employers in the town.

In 1901 the owner Tomas Copithorne was a Protestant of no particular denomination spoke Irish and English.

Mrs Clara Forde (Nee Bryant) wife of Henry visited 1912 and bought cloth.  It is assumed that is it her aunt rather than Henrys.  He was in Ireland but it is not clear if he was with her on this trip.

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