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Castle Donovan.jpg“In the centre of the vale beneath me, was the tall, castellated tower; an extensive marshy meadow lay beyond it, bounded by the steep rocky hills of Mullaugh-Nesha, and its peaked brethren. ”  Philip Dixon Hardy (1834).

Castle Donovan (Irish: Caisleán Uí Dhonnabháin) or Castledonovan or O’Donovan’s Castle refer to the remains of an Irish tower house or túrtheach, in a valley near Drimoleague, of medium size which was the so-called “seat” of the Clann Cathail sept of the O’Donovans for a period during the 16th century.

The original name of the castle, and when the O’Donovans were actually living in it, wasSowagh (or Sooagh, Suagh) before the 17th century.

The name of Castle Donovan, after the Manor of the Castle of O’Donovan, is associated with a regrant from James II of England in 1615. Approximately 60 feet in height, it…

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