West Cork History

Briseann an Duchais Trí Súil an Chait, The Maverick DNA of Black Jack Fitzgibbon, (Lord Clare 1749-1801), First Irish Born Attorney-General of the 18th Century, Pioneer of World-wide Metropolitan Policing, his sister Lady Arabella Jeffares, Blarney, Supporter of Tenant farmer and Rightboys, sister Eleanor married to Cork Barrister, Dominic Trant, the insult of Trinity Fellow Patrick Duignan to Father Arthur O’Leary, ‘The Friar with the barbarous Surname’ and an account of the Cork Rightboys in 1785 by Cork Apothecary John Barrett Bennett.

Bennett’s account is reproduced in an article in 1984 JCHAS by James S. Donnelly Junior, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is a leading authority of Cork and its Political and land History.  He acknowledges his debt to his graduate student Irene Whelan Hehir who laboured for months in deciphering Mr. Bennett’s account written for family consumption in 1785.  Donnelly’s introduction sets out the overall backdrop in terms…

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