1.  General Plummer Young, (c 1740-, Bantry born Siege of  Seringapatam,  India and Extended Bantry, Young Family, Fish Merchants. Land Owners, Apothecaries and Doctors.

In the Paddy O’Keeffe (Bantry businessman and historian) there are a number of references to General Young.

Canadian Biography:  General #2 because of his age span of 1787-1863.  His daughter Harriet Jane Young, born in France in 1818, married a Freeth and is on Find-a-Grave.

General Plomer Young #1:  The  part about the siege of  Seringapatam (in India)   included in the Burke’s entry on William Cole and Jane Young must have been added after the fact.  The siege was in 1799 (or there may have been an earlier skirmish in the 1780s) well after the marriage notice of 1776 which stated that the bride’s brother was General P. Young.    If this is Plumer Young, he must have been born about 1740 to have been a General by 1776.

Regulations made in 1735 Between The Owners of Seine Boats in Bantry Bay, Dispute to be Determined by Mr Nicholas Mead at His House ‘Spread Eagle’ Presented to Fishery Enquiry 1836 by Mr. R. Young, and 1749 Bounty from Royal Dublin Society to Mr. Meade and Young for Fish Landings at Bantry.

The Young family were involved in the Bantry Fishery since at least 1600. The Youngs lived at Young’s Point possibly now the location of the Maritime Hotel. This was build on stores which were once Young property. There are descendants in the Dunmanway area.


1818 John Young Apothecary 1829 return transcribed by Kae Lewis
1754 Plummer Young Apothecary? Lease 1754 Johm Goodwin, apothecary witnesses Walter Stephens, Plummer Young.
1846 Plummer Young Apothecary, Main St. Slater
1854 Plummer Young Apothecary and Registrar of Marriages
1857-1932 Plomer (Plummer) Young Physician and Surgeon Born at Leemount, Cork of extended Bantry Young family. Son of Henry Lindsay Young who was son of Goodwin of John of Robert Lindsays Cork Lawyers and landlowers. Related also to Curtis family.
1791, 1801, 1818 Samuel Young Apothecary 1829 return transcribed by Kae Lewis
1792 Samuel Young Apothecary 1800 set up own shop (the Youngs were in the fishing business since the 1640s)
1803, 1842 Dr. Samuel Young Doctor Deed names his son as life Samuel aged 16 in 1819. 1842 treated those injured in election riot

Goodwin Relations:

1754 , died John Goodwin Apothecary, near Great Bridge Mentioned in Bantry Estate Papers having lands at Breenybeg Lease 1754 Johm Goodwin, apothecary witnesses Walter Stephens, Plummer Young.
1770, dead by 1792 John Goodwin MD Doctor Property at strand leased from Simon White, for lives of Richard and Ruth Goodwin presumably children, there is a marriage between Ruth Goodwin and Henry Swan in 1784, and a Richard Goodwin and Sarah Hagerty in 1774 possibly the same. Bantry Estate papers, Reference in Vol 4 of London Medical and Physical Journal of Dr Barry’s Book on small pox of woman twice inoculated by Mr. Goodwin prob late 18th century. Assignment by two daughters of John MD deceased 1792 Mrs. Sarah Swan and Jane Goodwin spinster to John and William Blatchford, surgeons and apothecaries

The pilchard fishery was run in the early 18th century by the Galwey, Meade, Bird, Young, Vickery and Davies families.


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