West Cork History


Depositions and attested certificates in support of the claim of Timothy O’Cullane of Gurrane in the parish of Droumaleague, Barony of West Carbery, Co. Cork to be the true and sole heir of the O’Cullanes known as Kealiecligh, May 8, 1744 attested by Denis Carthy, Ballinascarthy and Samuel Love Croghane, Yeoman, Notarised by Anthony Lane, other names Rickard O’Donovan, Matt O’Hea, Richard Townsend, John Warner? aged 88,

Two possible reasons present themselves for this.  The first was the possibility of his ancient family lands being restored to him.

The other if  he was of the ‘Wild Geese’ or his children.  It was often the case to  advance in Continental Society a certified Genealogy had to be produced.  The Breffni (Cavan) O’Reillys are an example.

There are reference to the O’Cullanes being related to the Swantons.


The original documents re in the Manuscript Part of the National Library in…

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