1749.  Sittings of HIgh Court on The Munster Circuit and Sergeant Sullivan (1871-1959). The Last Sergeant of the Kingdom of Ireland Buried Glasnevin.

Of the 1749 Justices listed one is Sergeant Marshall. The Office of Sergeant was third after the Attorney General,  Solicitor General.  The last was Sergeant Sullivan who defended Roger Casement and is buried in Glasnevin.   His grave describes him as the last Sergeant of the Kingdom of Ireland which theoretically still exists,  from Norman times when the islands of Britain and Ireland shared a Sovereign.  The 1800 Act of Union was between Parliaments, the 1922 Treaty was silent on the question as was the 1937 Constitution.  The Kingdom was a common phrase pre 1914 to described the whole island of Ireland.



Pue’s Occurrences 14 February 1749


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