1834.  Cess Payers Nominated by Grand Jury, Baronies of Carbery, Bantry and Bere, West Cork and  Bad Cess to You.

Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 08 April 1834

The cess was a land tax usually in the order of 12% levied on rent by the Grand Jury of Co. Cork.  It was supposed to be used for Public Works Dispensaries.  Due to pressure from perceived abused by the Landlord i.e. building roads of no public benefit except to enhance the value of their estate it wa agreed that individual influential cess payers would be involved in the presentment process.   The lists are a useful barometer of local worthies.

The phrase ‘Bad Cess to You’ is still used as a term of abuse suggesting that this tax along with tithes was hated.

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