1833.  Anti Tithe Agitation, Pound at Ballydehob stormed cattle liberated Magistrate Captain Baldwin Horse tied with White Cloth on his head and neck and marched through Skibbereen to His House where  Horse’s Head Banged at Door, further Outrages at Caheragh, Bandon.

Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail 19 January 1833




Captain Thomas Baldwin Esq (1795-1871), 1819, Mardyke/North St., Skibbereen, son of Arthur.  Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 into enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction. 1833 his horse seized in anti tithe agitation Ballydehob and marched with a white cloth around his head to is house.wherre they knocked his door with the horse’s head.  Signed public declaration to Alexander O’Driscoll on his removal as Magistrate 1835 with Lord Bantry, Simon White, John Puxley, Arthur Hutchins, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Townsend Junior and Senior, Hugh Lawton, Thomas Somerville, Richard Townsend Senior, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Timothy O’Donovan, Richard Townsend, Lyttleton Lyster.  Sitting Skibbereen, 1835. 1828 application to Dublin Castle re gas supply for Skibbereen.  1841 election voted Longfield/Leader, £50 freeholder Shountullig.


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