1817.  Peter Besnard Inspector General of Linen for Provinces of Munster, Leinster and Connaught, report, Banon, Clonakilty, Rosscarbery, Skibbereen, Dunmanway, Bantry, Export to West Indies and USA,  Exertions of Lord Bantry and Vicar of Bantry Rev. Smith, Lord Carbery. Redmond Barry, Colonel Hodder, Trade Depressed.  Praise for Right Honourable John Foster, Collon, Co. Louth, Promoter of Linen Industry as Chancellor of the Exchequer early pioneer of Capital Spending.

The Fosters were interested in improving their new estate in Co. Louth. Anthony Foster invested in agricultural improvements, improving the drainage, fertility and general quality of the land. Arthur Young who wrote ‘Tour in Ireland’ visited the estate in 1776, five years before the rental, and said that the Chief Baron Anthony Foster’s ‘operations were of a magnitude he had never heard of before’ (CLAJ, X, 3, 1943 p227). John Foster developed the linen industry in the area, building mills and encouraging Protestant weavers to settle in Collon.

See Redmond Barry’s letter re Foster.




John Besnard, Junior. Police Court, Paradise Place, Cork, 1857. 1840 calling for Testimonial to late William Crawford Cork benefactor.  Family of Huguenot descent ran major sail making factory in Douglas.  Manager Savings bank lived next door, m Sophie baker, d Valentine, merchant, Bristol.  

John Besnard JP Senior. Sheriff 1810, Mayor 1831, Police Court, Paradise Place, Cork, 1857.  Voted in 1812 Cork election for Hutchinson and Longfield.  1827 attended dinner given by Jeremiah Murphy, Hyde Park, Cork with Catholic Bishop of Cork, Dr. Murphy, John Cotter, Jonas Travers, Perriers, Gibsons, Alexander O’Driscoll, JP.  Member 1832 Cork Friendly Club.   Ex-Officio Poor Law Guardian listed ‘Bernard’  1839.  Family of Huguenot descent ran major linen, rope, sail making factory in Douglas.  Bernards and relations Gibbons and Perriers ran Cork Corporation pre 1840.

Peter Besnard Esq., Cork. Member 1832 Cork Friendly Club Ex-Officio Poor Law Guardian listed as ‘Bernard’ 1839.

Richard Earl of Bantry, 1843, Glengariff Cottage. 1821 meeting on distress Skibbereen huge praise for Catholic Clergy for contributing to peace.  1817encouraging flax growing wiht Vicar of Bantry, Rev. Smith. 1822  Lord Lieutenant sends £100 for local distress, £50 for Berehaven. 1824 entertaining Dr. Egan, Co Adjutor Catholic Bishop of Kerry.  Subscriber Poor Relief Bantry 1832.  1834 Member Committee Cork Protestants.  Signed public declaration to Alexander O’Driscoll on his removal as Magistrate 1835 with Simon White, John Puxley, Arthur Hutchins, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Townsend Junior and Senior, Hugh Lawton, Thomas Somerville, Richard Townsend Senior, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Timothy O’Donovan, Richard Townsend, Lyttleton Lyster.  Subscriber Lewis 1837. Member Commission on Magistrates 1838 at Seafield Park.  Somewhat surprisingly praised by Shea Lawlor, Bantry Liberal for his integrity.  (Apologies) Alexander O’Driscoll, JP suspended, Bandon 1841. Brother in law of Lord Viscount Ennismore.  Complaining 1848 of a chronic lack of cash as was his son Viscount Berehaven, mining royalties from Puxleys Allihies Copper Mines £1,500 per annum royalties through will of grandfather Hedges Eyre of Macroom.

James Redmond Barry, -1879), Pre 1820, Glandore and 11 Great Denmark St., Dublin, Fishery Commissioner advocate of fishery development in West Cork, Improving Landlord, Petitioned House of Lords to Vote 1821 as Representative of dormant title of Viscount Buttevant from 1405. 1818 encouraging Flax growing with mother’s assistance, mentions his farm of around 300 acres population 328 of whom one third at linen.  1821 request to Chief Secretary with Rev. Arminger Sealy, John Swete, Thomas Walker that military be sent to Timoleague re Captain Rock disturbances.  1828 Quarter Session Bandon. 1828 seeking reform of House of Commons. Involved with Richard Townsend, Castletownsend and Thomas Somerville, Drishane in setting up Agricultural and Country Bank in Skibbereen, April 1835.   Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. Attended Reformers Dinner Bandon 1839 for Daniel O’Connell, MP,.  Attending Famine Relief Meeting Dunmanway 1846.  In October 1861 at O’Donovan’s Cove married Anne Mary J 3rd daughter of Timothy JP to David Fitzjames Barry, 2nd son to Redmond Barry, Commissioner of Fisheries Esq.  (an a political ally of Timothy).  She is later Executrix of her father’s estate then a widow. Listed 1870, Dublin, 439 acres. Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868.   Son Captain FitzJames Barry, J.P., grandson Richard Fitzwilliam Barry, JP, solicitor, Clerk of the Crown, King’s County, listed 1885-6. Left £1,500. Subscriber memorial John O’Hea JP, Clonakilty, 1847.  Member as James, Bandon, Commission on Magistrates 1838

Lord John Carbery (Evans-Freke) 6th Baron Carbery-1845), 1821, Castle Freke, Rosscarbery.  1817 Chairing Cork Committee of Linen production an encouraging local development.   1821 writing to Chief Secretary re disaffection, Castlefreke, Clonakilty, sitting Rosscarbery, 1835. 1822 Lord Lieutenant sends £500 for local distress.  Protestant protest meeting Cork 1834.   Reputed to have bell rung in London church on hearing of death of Father John Power, Parish priest Kilmacabea.  Subscriber 1821 Dr Thomas Wood’s ‘Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland. Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 into enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction. – 1823 Blamed notorious tithe extractor Rev. Morritt for fatal affray at Castlehaven, welcomed Petty Session Courts and urged abolition of Manor Courts.  Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837.  listed 1843.  Lord of Manor appointing Seneschals.  Member Commission on Magistrates 1838.  Member provisional Committee projected Bandon to Bantry Railway 1845.   HIs life size statue in Rosscarbery Cathedral has an inscription how he founded schools in various parts of his estates, clothed the surrounding hills with trees and improved agriculture and the amelioration of his countrymen’.  Carberys intermarried with O’Driscoll family.






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