1859.  Military Enquiry into  Activities of Co. Antrim Militia into Alleged Orange Riots Pre 12th July at Kinsale Co. Cork. 1,077 Panes of Glass Broken, Houses of 20 Protestants and  700 Catholics  Attacked,  100 Militia Men Brandishing Bayonets, Father Carton Attacked, Counterattack, Ballad of Kinsale or the Defeat of the Antrim Orangemen.

Peadar Ó h-Anracháin was able to recall this in a 1947 Southern Star Article.

There is a welter of contradictory evidence but no denial that significant property damage done.  The newspaper reports go into great length.

Some British Army Regiments in West Cork





Cork Examiner 27th and 29th July 1859



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