Financial Data on Cork Magistrates, Probates, rentals etc Many from Landed Gentry

In many case the Estates and values are a lot smaller then what would be expected.  Clearly wealth resided with the Cork Merchants and Professionals. The Big Daddy Is Arnott who arrives with nothing from Scotland and ended up leaving over £600,00 probably in the hundreds of millions now and very charitable.


Some Cork Magistrates








To get some idea of comparative values, an RIC man in 1900 earnings allowing for uniform, accommodation and pension say €75 per annum, Garda say €30,000 net in 2016 a factor of 400 perhaps on the high side or Resident Magistrate €500 per annum District Justice €90,000 net of income tax, factor of 180.


Boyle Aldworth, Newmarket, married 1736 Jane Oliver, Clonodfoy, Limerick, marriage portion £4,000.

John R.  Beecher, Hollybrook, Skibbereen,1805 he assigned property to trustees to provide £225 pa for wife should she survive him.

Annual Estate Rent rolls estimate 1811, Bandon £30,000, Devonshire (Cork), John Smith-Barry, Lord Shannon, Lord Kingsborough, Longfield all £20,000

Mitchelstown Castle 1820s cost of building £100-200, 000, never lived in, burned 1919-1922 now Co-Op.

Richard Townsend rent roll 1820s estimate £8,000.

George Earl of Kingston, Mitchelstown estate estimated in 1823 at £42,000 per annum

Richard/Rickard Deasy, Clonakilty, 1825, annual income £2,000

Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Durrus, 1853, probate, £5 (may be nominal for conveyancing).

Richard Hedges H. Beecher Esq., 1838, Hollybrook, Skibbereen, estate was sold in the Encumbered Estates Court in 1851, 17,000 acres, 42 townlands, 8 parishes, debts in 52 charges amounting to £52,275. The sale realised £52,275, rent of £4,500 per annum Sir William Henry Lyons, 1858, Glanmire Road Cork, Merchant, probate £20,000.

William Fagan, 1859 £16,000, MP, Feltrim, Cork.

Major John (East India Company) Townsend Somerville, Point House, Castletownshend, 1861  £3,000

Philip Somerville, 1861, Prairie, Schull, £4,000

Paul Limrick, Solicitor, 1864, Union Hall, £180.

Becher Lionel Fleming (1821-1869), Landlord, Probate £1,400, 1869 to Becher L. Fleming, Oldcourt and Rev.Horace Fleming, Kilnagross, Clonakilty.

Colonel Morgan William O’Donovan or ‘The O’Donovan’, 1870, Montpelier, Douglas and Lissard, Skibbereen, Landlord, £35,000.

Richard  Quin/Quinn, 1870, Fir Grove, Innishannon, Landlord, £10,000.

Sir Thomas Deane Knight 1871,  Architect, 26 Longfield Terrace, Dublin, £14,000

Ludlow Bamish, Brewer, Cork, 1872, £5,000

Richard Wallis Goold Adams 1873 James Brook, Cloyne.  Landlord and Land Agent, £4,000.

Timothy O’Donovan, Landlord, Durrus, 1874, £2,000.

Daniel Donegan, 1874, Carrigmore, Cork, 1874, £20,000, by order of Court Donegan v Donegan.

Francis 3rd Earl of Bandon, Landlord, 1877, £18,000.

George Achilles Daunt, 1878, Landlord, Compass Hill. Kinsale, £7,000.

James Redmond Barry, Glandore, Landlord,  Fishery Commissioner, 1879, £1,500.

Sir Thomas Tobin 1881, Gunpowder Manufacturer, Ballincollig,  Probate in Ireland £5,303

Lord Bandon, 1881, 40,941 acres.

Nicholas Dunscombe, 1882, £6,358.


Richard Donovan, Clerk of Crown, Lisheens, Ballincollig, 1883, £10,164.

Richard Wheeler Doherty, 1883, Oak Villa, Bandon, Merchant, Land Agent, £8,170.

Thomas  Fuge, Rock Lodge, Youghal, 1883, £2,386.

William Wise, 1884, Dundanion, Blackrock, Cork, £51,000.

Edward Day Stokes, Corbally House, Riverstown, 1885, £1,259.

Captain Thomas Stuart, Retired Captain Royal Navy, Combermere, Glounthaune, 1885, £1,281

James Fownes Norton Wise, 1886, Rostellan Castle, Midleton, Ramsgate, £19,849.

Captain John McDonell Webb, Rosanna, The Hill, Douglas, Cork, 1886, £6,205.

Edward Bayly Warburton 1888, Resident Magistrate, Bantry, £1,385.

Finances of Bantry Estate, 1888, requested by Lord Ardilaun rents of £11,600 for Bantry and £4,800 for Macroom, deficit of £2,035, with rent reductions for tenants of 25%.

John Limrick, 1890, Union Hall, £3,647.

James Hutchinson Swanton, 1891, Miller Landowner, Rineen, Skibbereen, £3,807.

Captain Thomas Somerville, 1891, The Prairie, Schull, Beach, Bantry,  £568, widow Millicent Hart M.E., Ardrala, Newcourt, Skibbereen 1898, £970.

Charles Peter Teulon, 59 North Main St., Bandon, 1892, £14,421.

Dr. Bartholomew W. Verling, 1893, Springfield Lodge (Oxclose), Newmarket, Retired Naval Surgeon, Landlord, Probate £1,792.

Francis Hodder Power, Roskeen, Kanturk, 1893,  £1,230.

John Henry Sugrue, 1893, Sidney-Place, Cork, Merchant (Glen Distillery), £77,372.

Thomas Hoskins Tarrant 1894, Charlesfort, Cobh, £1,252.

Sale Devonshire Estates to Sir John Arnott, 1896, £270,000.

William Starkie, 1897, Resident Magistrate, Queenstown, Cregane Manor, Rosscarbery, 6, Edward St, Regent’s Park, London, £3,710.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Somerville D.L., 1898, Union Hall, Drishane, £489.

Herbert Webb Gillman, 1898, Landlord,  Clonstead House, Coachford, £2,294

Sir John Arnott, 1898, Businessman, Landowner, Newspaper owner, £694,306.

Richard Charles Pratt, 1890, Compass HIll, Kinsale, £2,704


Sir John Arnott, 1898, Businessman, Landowner, Newspaper owner, £694,306.

Richard Charles Pratt, 1890, Compass HIll, Kinsale, £2,704

John Richard Wheeler, 1901, 85 North Main St., Bandon, Captain 2nd Regiment of Foot,  left £1,017.

George Henry Swanton, 1902, Fortview, Ballydehob, Small Landlord, £325.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Claringbould Powell, 1902, Bawnlahan, Leap, in Ireland £1,886.

Michael French, 1904, 1876, Westwood, Rosscarbery, £1,054.

Richard Lane Allman, 1904, Distiller, Bandon, £22,034.

Robert Dunscombe 1906, Mount Desert Cork, £841.

Simon Dring (1854-1909), Tower Hill, Glanmire, and Glengara, Killeagh. Son Robert Harding Dring, m. 1893 Maria Louise Finch da Captain John, Nenagh, succeeded by son Simon.  Family traces descent in Ireland from 7th century.  Member Irish Landowners Association 1910.  Died Cromwell Road London probate to widow £12,858

Simon Dring (1854-1909), Tower Hill, Glanmire, 1910,  £12,858

Henry Lavellin Puxley, 1909, Landlord, Dunboy Castle, Castletownbere, Llangan Carmarthenshire,   Probate in London Irish estate £2,251 .


Major-General William de Wilton Roche Thackwell C.E., 1910, Aghada Hall, Rostellan, Gloucester, in Ireland, £2,157

The Right Honourable Hedges Eyre Chatterton, 1910, Glandore House, Leap £39,980

James Clugston Allman, Distiller, Bandon, 1911, £11,789.

Robert Day, 1914, 1889,  Myrtle Hill House, Cork,  Merchant, £46,271.