1849, Report of Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry, Kealkil, Dunmanway, Durrus, Kilcrohane, Agriculture Very Backward, Custom after taking a Corn Crop to Leave Land Fallow for 4 to 5 Years, Starving Horses, Pannier Tracks, need for Proper Roads, Ploughs A few Sticks Put Together With Pins Only Goes Down A Few Inches, Suggests Grain Crops, Drainage, Manuring, Proper Seed. Back Roads. No Shortage of Local Manures Huge Potential.

Rev. Thomas Barry, Parish Priest Bantry.

Subscriber Lewis  Directory 1837.  Gave evidence to 1844 Commission Law and practice in respect to the occupation of land in Ireland.   Parish Priest since 1823.  Knows of no property more improved than that of Mr. White of Inchiclough tenants generally have leases.   Dictionary of Ireland 1837. Thanked Assessors as Independent Liberal Elector for Impartiality in 1835 elections. Organiser meeting of Loyalty of Catholics of Bantry to King 1825.  Included were Morty O’Sullivan, Daniel O’Sullivan, Reendonegan, John Young, Morgan Connell Esq., Alexander O’Donovan Esq., William McCarthy Esq., Point House,.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry.

Attributed to him

There was a Parson

Who loved ‘divarshun’

And ne’er was harsh on

His flock so few,,,

The tithe was heavy

That he died levy

And he kept a ‘bevy’

Of tithing men…

Rev. Alleyn Evanson TCD AB, (1790-1853) Pre 1828, Four-Mile-Water Court, Durrus, sitting Bantry, 1835.  Son of Nathaniel (Generosus) and Mary Townsend Baldwin (1764-1827). Ed Dr. Sullivan, Bandon, TCD aged 16.   Middle Man, Land Agent. Voted for Hutchinson 1826 election. Signed petition 1827 against Catholic Emancipation.  While a curate in Schull 1829 he stated that there were 1,200 Protestants in the Parish.  Signed public declaration to Alexander O’Driscoll on his removal as Magistrate 1835 with Lord Bantry, Simon White, John Puxley, Arthur Hutchins, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Townsend Junior and Senior, Hugh Lawton, Thomas Somerville, Richard Townsend Senior, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Timothy O’Donovan, Richard Townsend, Lyttleton Lyster. Freeman Bandon, 1841 election voted Longfield/Leader.  Apart from Bandon estate he was renting Church lands in West Carbery including Crookhaven and Kilcrohane fro Robert Delacour who was made bankrupt in 1839.  Attending 1840 Great Meeting Bantry re Poor Law.  Probate 1853, £5 (may be nominal for conveyancing). Presentment sessions Ballydehob 1845.  Friendly with Father Ryan, Drimoleague features in an account 1836 of journey from Drimoleague written by John Windle in Dublin Penny Journal.  After death wife Harriett daughter of Henry Hardy Esq., moved to Mespil Estate, Dublin his brothers Dr. Hungerford and Dr. Henry Baldwin Evanson (1795-1867) of Cork guardians of young children. Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837.   In 1835 his rent charge over lands at Brahalish Durrus was granted to Henry Baldwin Evanson, his brother entitling him to vote.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry  Either his sister or cousin Martha Evanson married Rev. John Madras, their grand daughter m 1867 Ann Marie (Millie) Curtis, Magourney she descended from Huguenot Rev. John Madras and married Daniel O’Connell’s grandson, his father was Charles O’Connell, Resident Magistrate, Bantry.

Charles Evanson Junior, 1827 son of Charles JP, Lord Mayor Cork, Royayne’s Court, Douglas.  1818 late Sheriff, Cork. 1825 Director Cork Coalyard. Attending 1840 Great Meeting Bantry re Poor Law.  Attending Famine Relief Meeting Dunmanway 1846. Presentment sessions Ballydehob 1845 address Charlemont.    Skibbereen 1847 distress meeting. Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry.  Cork Quarter Sessions 1856.  His son Richard Charles Evanson, RM, Probate 1902 of Mrs. Henrietta Allen Coghlan, widow, Shanagrague, Co. Cork, to Richard retired RM, £624.  1856 passed into Military College Sandhurst, only son of Charles Evanson, JP, Charlemont, Cork, ed Mr. Moynahan.  listed 1842,1843, Son? Charles sitting Douglas 1850, voted 1850 for Denis Galwey as High Constable for Ibane and Ballyroe (Clonakilty).  Estates in Douglas and 5 gneeves at Gurteneas, Ahakista sold Landed estates Court in Chancery 1849 and sold 1850s.

Arthur Hutchins, 1855, Ballylickey, Bantry, Resident, £60.  Attending 1840 Great Meeting Bantry re Poor Law.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry.  Attending Railway meeting Drimoleague 1856, subscriber Dr. Daniel Donovan ‘History of Carbery’, 1876.  Arthur listed 1843 at Reendonegan, Bantry.  Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868.  

Rev Richard Quinn P.P.

1818-1849, Incardated from Dioceses of Cashel, commenced registration of births and marriages, built church at Ahakista 1828 and Kilcrohane 1820. One of a number of priests assigned to Cork from tipperary including Fathers Dore, Caheragh, Ruyan Drimoleague and Doheny Dunmanway all reformers adn politically active.   List of names who subscribed to church in 1826 included a major contribution from Lord Carbery and various members of the Evanson/Beamish families.  Involved in famine relief in 1822 with the Earl of Bantry and the Rev Alcock.  Father Quinn’s application 16th November 1830 ED1/13/74/2, signed by for Roman Catholics Richard O’Donovan, Timothy O’Donovan, Richard Tobin, Edmond Tobin, Daniel Daly, Richard O’Donovan, John Murphy, John Carthy, Thomas Cormack?, Elias Roycroft, Andrew Caverly, Richard Caverly, Protestants E. Evanson, Richard L. Blair, Thomas Ferguson, Thomas Duklow, Charles Ducklow, John Ducklow. Rev Alcock of the Church of Ireland was asked to consent but declined but his parishioners signed. In the Ordnance Survey house books his house in Clashadoo was one of the few slated.  In  1832: The men from Muintervara who have the distinguished honour of being the first western district to  have given the death blow to the system, proceeded under the conduct of Richard O’Donovan Esq of  Tullagh and Timmy O’Donovan Esq of Ardahill (Kilcrohane) (this may be incorrect most likely Timothy O’Donovan, JP, O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus) accompanied by the Reverend Messrs. Quin and  Kelleher with music and decorated banners. The Reverend Messrs. Quin and Kelleher, the Roman Catholic Clergy of Muintervara, West Cork, were arrested on Saturday, the 15th September or having attended at a Tithe meeting. Bail was immediately procured in the person of Richard O’Donovan Esq, the Chairman of the late Anti-Tithe meeting in the Parish and Timothy O’Donovan Esq at Ardahill, Kilcrohane.1833 the Rev Edward Alcock’s Tithe Proctors attempted to seize his bed for non payment of tithes only the intervention of local Protestant neighbours prevented this.  They may have been sent by Nathaniel Evanson who owned most of the tithes.  1834, Father Quin, Parish Priest, Durrus, West Cork Begs to Acknowledge Additional Contributions, Rev. Alleyn Evanson (Middle man of Bandon Estate), Four Mile Water, Richard Blair (Landlord Coolculghta) Esq and John Corkery, Blair’s Cove, John Clarke Esq., (probably related to Skibbereen Clerkes) Bantry, John Biddle (Piddle), Miss Punch, Bantry, Denis Sullivan, Dan Daly, Rosnacaheragh (Kilcrohane).  Organised major temperance meeting Durrus 1838 where Fr. Mathew spoke at a platform in the Churchyard (Moulivard?), stating that  in the parish £50 a weeek spent on drink.  Active in O’Connell Tribute with curate Rev. Simon Murphy major contributors Tobin family.  1840 calling for Testimonial to late William Crawford Cork benefactor.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry. Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry.

John O’Connell Esq., Bantry.

Gave evidence to 1844 Commission Law and practice in respect to the occupation of land in Ireland. Landlord in fee, middleman, agent to proprietor abroad, merchant, farmer. Property in Skibbereen. Probably the John Connell referred to in evidence of Father Collins to Parliament Commission as opulent Bantry excluded from Quarter Session Jury as he was a Catholic.   1826 Rent charge assigned 1833 from John Jagoe (probably the Liberal Protestant) over Glounathana also named Morgan O’Connell, Merchant, Liverpool, James O’Connell, Merchant, Cork Attorney Timothy Collins.  Around 1830 purchased around 700 acres from Lord Riversdale.   Tenants most refractory men in the country, prize fighters, and the head of a faction, they paid no rent. rent in arrears by four years forgave three.encouraged tenants who previously were prize fighters.  Now model farmers.  Probably related to Landlord O’Donovan Ardahill, Kilcrohane family.  Adopted system from Sir William Beecher for cottiers of fixing the rent for an acre of ground at 10s, the rent for the potato garden, the turf bog, the cabbage garden  so as to give them the opportunity of rearing pig.  Took 1838 assignment of Warner of Reendesert lands at Cappanaloha witnesses Edmond O’Sullivan Draper, and Jeremiah O’Connell, Gent.

In 1838 noted for being indefatigable in the Liberal interest where at voter registration 15 were registered as opposed to 6 ‘Orangemen’ the tenants of Timothy O’Donovan JP were chiefly among those who registered. Presented Address of West Carbery and Bantry to Liberator at Cork Banquet attended by 550 with Fathers Barry, Freeman, McCarthy Downing, Solicitor, Skibbereen, Daniel Welply Skibbereen.  1841 election vote based on £50 freehold at Glaundart.  1847 organised petition re Board of Works in activity of 1,400 of 4,000 with John Shea Lawlor and was Secretary to meeting at Bantry Chapel with Revs Michael Barry, Freeman, Roger Downing, Dr. Michael Burke.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry brought his to his estates and at a public meeting promised his tenants seeds.  1860 letter from Timothy O’Donovan JP, Durrus to Dr. John O’Donovan, Antiquarian:  In reply to your queries I  have to mention Timothy O’Donovan … who was married to a grand niece of Daniel O’Connell died some years ago. leaving a numerous family he left a considerable fortune in land and money.   The lands were let by his sons to the late John O’Connell of Bantry and are now in the proprietorship of his brother Mr. James O’Connell of London.

Richard O’Donovan 1845, Glenlough Cottage, Durrus listed 1838 , son Richard Esq. O’Donovan Cove, and Jane d Alexander O’Donovan, Squince.  1846 distress meeting Bantry listed Drumboe. Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry.  Son of Richard O’Donovan JP and Maria O’Sullivan, nephew of Timothy and Dr. Daniel O’Donovan JP , listed 1854

William O’Sullivan Junior, Carriganass Castle, Bantry.   1850.  On recommendation of Earl of Bandon superceded after two days. Called to the Bar 1844.  In 1848 seizing cattle at Scart, Bantry for alleged overdue rent to his father William  Esq., with Daniel, John and Cornelius Manning and Eugene and Stephen Sullivan he was imprisoned for 3 months and fined £20 for assault.  Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry, father’s land being drained.   Prosecuted in Cork for criminal libel.  Sister married Barrett who took over estate.  Father acquire estate from David Mellefont, Donemark in 1817.  

Dr. Herbert Orpin, MD, Bantry. Assisting 1848 Henry J. Fawcett, Practical Instructor on Husbandry of Visit to Bantry, subscriber 1861 to Smith’s History of Cork, member Irish Society Antiquaries 1861.

Cork Examiner 02 March 1849

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