West Cork History

Discovery of Lost Vellum Manuscript, documenting the Genealogy of the Very Ancient and Illustrious House of the O’Reillys, formerly Princes and Dynasts of Breifne O’Reilly, now called the County of Cavan in the Kingdom of Ireland, over 1,000 years in Munich 2008, Irish presence in Cuba, 18th century and Irish named street escape Castro embargo on Spanish Street Names Havana.

John Kileen, Librarian of the Linen Hall Library, Belfast gave a lecture in the RDS documenting the history of the O’Reilly Genealogy located in Munich in 2008. The enquires determined that the Genealogy was commissioned by Count O’Reilly an Irish born senior Military figure in the late 18th century. Thecost was over £1,000 equaring to over €100, 000 in present day values.

It was done by Chevalier Thomas O’Gorman an Irish born Genealogist (1722-1809) based in France. The Linen Hall library are bring out a limited edition of the Genealogy…

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