1832 Cholera in Bantry, 1838 Address to John S. Bird, on Retiring as Treasurer of Bantry Dispensary.

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1810, 1831, 1840Dr. Thomas Burke1824, Surgeon, HP, Blackrock-road (NGC). Possible The Square, 1810 Thomas Burke Half Pay Surgeon married Margaret McCarthy, (1784-1831), possibly through her he acquired lands at Caheragh, she was likely of the Muclaghs (Clann Tighe Roe Scartaigh) and the lands from McCarthy Gurtnascreena.May be from Caheragh the person that poet JJ Callanan stayed with for around 2 years when he wrote Gougan Barra and Lamesnt to Morty Oge. memorial to Father Walsh PP leaving Bantry. Attending Great Meeting re Poor Law in 1840, Bantry, gave a speech promoting reeclamation of waste, mine development, employment rather than charity. 1846 distress meeting Bantry.1832 contacted fever attending Cholera Hospital Bantry voteof thanks by John Y. Kingston.Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 28 April 1831

Death from Cholera Skibbereen 1830s:


Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 26 May 1838

The Birds were prominent in Bantry for centuries as fish merchants, adn land holders.

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