1660.  Lands of The Earl of Anglesea Leased to Colonel Reid in Barony of Bantry and Bere, Co. Cork.

These would largely have been O’Sullivan lands.   They in turn probably did the same after 1230 when they moved in from Co. Limerick.

By 1910 the lands were largely the property of the former tenants subject to a Land Commission Annuity.

Some of the lands devolved to the Hollow Blade Company which financed the late 17th century wars in England between parliament adn King James.  They wee rewarded by land grants in Ireland.

An example of a deed involving them:

Richard White of Whiddy Island ( originally Dunmanway and probably earlier Co. Limerick) acquired much of these lands by purchase.  In Beara many of the old O’Sullivan septs remained in de facto control as agents of the Bantry Estate.


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