West Cork History

From Irish tour, Cork section, Tour 1748 William Rufus Chetwood

There is another well, that has, in former Ages, been celebrated for the wonderful cures it performed, but since the dissolution of the abbeys, was choaked up, till lately cleaned (as I am informed) by Dr. B—y, an eminent physician of this kingdom, who wrote several elaborate pieces in his profession. They have many good springs in the parts adjacent to the city. We spent this morning to that of St. Bartholomew, which being that saint’s day, was surrounded by vast crowds of Roman Catholics, some on their knees at their devotion and others walking with their beads in their hands. This ceremony is called a Patron. The well is inclosed with green trees, close to the side of the road, and even the sight of it looks refreshing. When their devotions ere over they retired to several sutler’s tents…

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