West Cork History

Bowlers Aughaville, Dromore, Colomane, Durrus, West Cork.  Bill Barrett, Patrick O’Driscoll, Richard Barrett, John Connolly, Jimmy Crowley, J.j. Sullivan, Donald Crowley, Eugene Daly,

It has been suggested that road bowling was introduced to West Cork by weavers who came in in t18th century from the North of England.

Flor Crowley, a National Teacher from Dunmanway who taught in Bandon founded An Bol Cumann.  He wrote extensively on local matters and is books are now collectors items.

Thanks to Peter O’Driscoll, San Francisco and Donal O’Mahony, Cobh.

Bill Barrett who always wore white tennis shoes.    Patrick O’Driscoll of Aughavile was recognised as a reasonable good bowler he was the man that guided Bill Barrett during his early days as a bowler.

His grand son Peter O’Driscoll was told by Tom Hayes from Aughaville whom he met in San Francisco. Tom Hayes came to America & San Francisco in 1910, at the age…

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