Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 04 April 1829



1829, Fishery Development, New Landing Quay, at Lawrence Cove, Bere Island, Co. Cork, Local Officials James Redmond Barry Esq., Inspector General , Rosscarbery, Thomas Townsend Esq., Inspector, Baltimore, Horatio Townsend, Secretary, Irish Fishery Office,  Dublin.

To be seen as part of the effort to provide infrastructure to remote areas as with Richard Griffith’s road building programme.


Littleton/Lyttleton Lester, Pre 1828.  1828 Quarter Session Bandon. May be 1829 Fishery Inspector at Rosscarbery.  Lyttleton Leister, listed 1838  Captain Lyttelton Lyster Esq. Union Hall, Rosscarbery, sitting Union Hall, 1835, 1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837,  listed 1843 at Richmond Terrace, Cork.  died 1850

James Redmond Barry, -1879), Pre 1820, Glandore and 11 Great Denmark St., Dublin, Fishery Commissioner advocate of fishery development in West Cork, Improving Landlord, Petitioned House of Lords to Vote 1821 as Representative of dormant title of Viscount Buttevant from 1405. 1828 Quarter Session Bandon. 1828 seeking reform of House of Commons. Involved with Richard Townsend, Castletownsend and Thomas Somerville, Drishane in setting up Agricultural and Country Bank in Skibbereen, April 1835.   Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. Attended Reformers Dinner Bandon 1839 for Daniel O’Connell, MP, 1870, Dublin, 439 acres. Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868.   Son Captain FitzJames Barry, J.P., grandson Richard Fitzwilliam Barry, JP, solicitor, Clerk of the Crown, King’s County, listed 1885-6. Left £1,500. Subscriber memorial John O’Hea JP, Clonakilty, 1847.  Member as James, Bandon, Commission on Magistrates 1838



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