Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 26 March 1825



1825.  Bantry, West Cork.  Grievance of Opulent Catholics excluded from Quarter Sessions Juries in Preference to Protestants Having No Property but a Half Pay of £40 a Year,

Father Collins Evidence to Select Committee of the House of Commons.

The reference to half pay is officers retired from the Napoleonic Wars.  Bantry historian reckoned there were 22 such officers in Bantry including some Catholics.


1823 some half pay officers.




Burke, Stephen, Lieut., Chief Constable, North-st. (NGC).  Probably originally from Galway.
Burke, Thos., Surgeon, HP, Blackrock-road (NGC).  May be from Caheragh, port JJ Callanan stayed with him for two years leading anti tithe and repeal activist.
Carew, Wm. M., Ensign, HP, Chapel-hill (NGC)
Cooke, James, Lieut., HP, Blackrock-road (NGC)
Ellis, Dixie, Captain, HP, Whiddy Island (NGC)
Kirby, David, Lieut., HO, Strand (NGC).  Originally North Cork Militia family later prominent as doctors in Bantry.
McCarthy, Wm., Lieut., HP, Caheir Daniel (NGC).  
O”Donovan, Daniel, Lieut., HO, Kealevenogue (NGC). When he died in 1830s describes as last of the Irish Brigade who after the fall of the Bastille joined the British Army retaining their rank.  Probably related to O’Donovan family of O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus.
Pottinger, H., Lieut., HP, Main-st. (NGC)
Ratcliffe, Wm., Lieut., HP, North-st. (NGC)


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