West Cork History

Memoir of Blind Harpist Arthur O’Neill, visit to Murtagh Mac Owen O’Sullivan at Berehaven, Co. Cork, Milesian Festival held by Lord Kenmare c 1720.

I travelled the principal part of the County of Cork without anything occurring worth relating. I spent one Christmas with a gentleman that lived in Berehaven named Murtagh MacOwen O’Sullivan, who lived in a princely style. My boy came to me one morning when in bed, who desired me to bless myself. I asked him why so. ‘Och, Sir ! there is a pipe of wine and two hogsheads of some other liquor standing up in the hall with the heads out of them and a wooden cup swimming in each of them for anyone that pleases to drink their skinful.’ I mention this merely to record the hospitality of the gentlemen of the province of Munster. Nor was this the only instance of it, as…

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