1840.  Registration of Voters at Bantry, West Cork.


1818 Joseph Scannell Barrister, 1824, 4, Smith St., 13 Marlboro St 1845. Occasional Advocate Consistory Court, Cloyne Catholic. 1830 Finny Almanac. Pigot 1824. 1850 very extensive practice. Advocate for Provenant Consistory Court, Cloyne. Daughter Mary died aged 19, 1838. 1840 at Bantry Voter registration instructed by Galwey represented Liberal interest. Listed in St. Ann Shandon Ministers list 1793 and 1829 as living on Fair Hill valuation of £5 high for area, the Catholic enclave. Van Der Plus Deeds Cork Archives 1694. A Darby Scannell deceased 1735 lendig money. Scannel listed Alderman’s clerk Cork election Hely Hutchinson papers 1783. JCHAS, prosecuting criminal cases 1836 Aldwell’s Directory 1845



1839, 1848, 1850, 1878 Bryan Galway Solicitor and Borough Coroner, 1845 23 South Mall, 76 South Mall. Crown Solicitor West rising 1848. Probably the Bryan Gallway, Kilkerran, Clonakilty, King’s Inns 1823, 5th son of Michael and Eliza Donovan, over 16, Ed Rosscarbery, affadavit father. Daughter Mary married Alexander McCarthy, Solicitor and Town Clerk 1874, son William, King’s Inns, aged 20, 1863 his affadavit 1838 West Riding, Bryan Galway, Crown Prosecutor, Report on 1850 dinner for Sir Robert Kane, President Queens College. Aldwell’s Directory 1845




1845 Thomas Forsythe Barrister, 13, Henry St., Recorder, Advocate Consistory Court. 1850 very extensive private practice Aldwell Directory 1845

Of those referred to John h. white was of the Lord Bantry family and may have converted to Catholicism.  The O’Connells may be of the Daniel O’Connell family.  The priests were highly active politically.


Augustus Payne agent to Lord Bantry probably son of Rev. Somers Payne, Orange Order head in Cork, organiser adn fixer in the Conservative interest.

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