1654.  Sir William Petty’s Analysis of Agricultural Prosperity Parish of Durrus, West Cork.


Trinity College Dublin has digitalised the Down Survey Maps. If they are compared with the listing of landowners and lot numbers you can see the make up of the land.   It is divided into pasture, arable, woodlands, mountain and bog   Compared to the early 19th century Ordnance Survey Maps it is remarkable accurate even to the present day.  The maps were prepare for the forfeitures and subsequent plantations arising from the failed 1641 uprising against the English.

It is somewhat surprising how much of active arable land was available.  The main structure in the area was Coolnalong Castle still a very impressive structure.  Remarkable it was built around 1620 without defensive structures in the obvious belief that some type of peace would prevail.  This was the Castle of the McCarthy Mucklaghs adn the local area must have been pretty productive to afford such a structure.

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