1828, Cork Protestant Ant-Catholic Petition and Rebuttal by Cork Liberal Protestants.

The anti listing is one the newspaper mentioned follow up which is not included.

The backdrop is a general depression post Napoleonic Wars, Banking Collapses, and the failure of traditional industry due to competition form Britain. The Protestant hold on power was being weakened by a resurgent Catholic middle class in trade and the professions.  Political agitation by O’Connell and the Catholic Clergy and Church building instilled a fear, whipped up by agitators on all sides.  Going on Daniel  O’Connell’s evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee the same year it is likely the at that time the Catholics  had the advantage of economic power in Cork.

In the listing, in extended families, there are members in both camps.  It is assumed that the rebuttal listing is of Liberals who appear elsewhere in that context.

The people named are prominent Landowners, Lawyers, Doctors, Merchants and Clergy.

George Fowler MD from a family of Apothecaries on Mallow Lane is on that list and yet his wife Helen Maguire was a  Catholic.  Their grandchildren were being baptized in a Catholic church at Tracton in 1821.
1818 Died George Fowler, Senior Apothecary, Mallow Lane
1800, 1824, 1826, Richard Fowler Medical Officer Dispensary and Humane Society Peacock Lane Fever Hospital, 1828 signed Anti Catholic Petition though his wife Mauire a Catholic, great grand children baptised Tracton Catholic Church 1821.
1837, 1841 Dr. Richard Tarrant Fowler Doctor City


Cork Magistrates:




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Rebuttal Listing:


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