Early 19th century Bantry Political figures:


1863.  Obituary of Patrick O’Sullivan, Millcove, Beara, West Cork, Seneschal of Manor of Althram, Agent of Lord Bantry his Receivers, Bankers of Beara Estates. Father in Law of Beara Born, American  Millionaire Coffee Broker Eugene O’Sullivan.

In his evidence to a Parliamentary Enquiry into the Cork election and its widespread violence of 1841 he comes across as a Chieftain of his area. Usually he brought tenants and middlemen to Cork via Bantry  in his sloop. Except for Roger O’Sullivan and Symms both Protestants who was married to a Sullivan they were Catholic and normally would have voted for the Liberal/O’Connell interest. However they all voted Conservative Longfield/Leader, the suggestion in the questioning that he had used undue influence to please Lord Bantry which he rejected.

He fought a vigorous campaign against what he regarded as anti Catholic Libels of Puxley of Dunboy Castle.

‘Big’ Patrick O’Sullivan, Millcove: Castletownbere. Died 1863.  Lord Bantry Estate appointed as Seneschal   Not legally qualified.  Parliamentary Report 1837, Eppi.  Baronial collector since 1825 deputy Denis Murphy (Irish speaking) as collector.  Appointed fit and proper person to conduct 1831 Census with Mr. W. Murphy.  Seneschal of Altham, Mill Cove, Berehaven, Bantry and Donemark from 1843.  1841 organising voters from Beara in Conservative interest.  Sitting as Grand Juror, Cork 1842, 1844, Cork County Agricultural Society Dinner 1842.  Millcove. leased by Patrick O’Sullivan from the Earl of Bantry’s estate in 1852 when it was valued at £14. O’Sullivan worked as an agent for the White estate.  A deeply unpopular Landlord local tradition has it that he used to blow his bugle outside the Church after Sunday Mass to summon his tenants to draw hay or turf or whatever other task he designated.  1856 Chairman Berehaven Board of Guardians.

The house has been demolished though traces of the stone work can still be seen in the gardens which are now part of an art gallery and sculpture display.  He was agent for the Beara part of the Bantry estate working with receivers and banks to Lord Bantry while Augustus Payne from the Upton family operated the rest of the estate. His daughter Christina, who emigrated to the United States and became the matriarch of a very rich New York family, before ending her days sadly in a mental home. Ellen O’Sullivan,  Convent of Faithful Companions of Jesus, Limerick Chronicle died 6/06/1857, dau of Patrick O’Sullivan of Mill Cove, Berehaven, Laurel Hill.  Died Peshawar India 1881 Edward O’Sullivan, Queen’s Regiment, youngest son of Patrick O’Sullivan, Esq., Millove, Castletownbere, agent to Lord Bantry and Seneschal.  

Patrick O’Sullivan  was nephew to  Captain Paddy O’Sullivan of Faha also Agent to Lord Bantry whose sister was the mother of Peter McSweeney.  1857 Peter McSwiney, the last lineal descendant of the Mac Finin Dubh O’Sullivans (a 400 year old title), after his eviction from Dereen in Kenmare by the Lansdowne Estate, spent his last days in Ahakista Cottage. Patrick O’Sullivan, Lord Bantry’s Agent in Beara, Millcove Castletownbere, Agent to Lord Bantry brought the following to Cork 1841, to vote for Longfield/Leader in a Schooner, ‘Sophia’ via Adrigole and Bantry.  Longfield paid expenses. Jeremiah O’Sullivan, Murtagh O’Sullivan, Daniel Florence O’Sullivan, Daniel Jeremiah O’Sullivan, Timothy O’Sullivan, Roger O’Sullivan, Timothy O’Sullivan, Simms (Protestant), Denis O’Sullivan, From Adrigole, Daniel Murphy (his deputy Irish speaking), Richard O’Sullivan (Protestant), Daniel Michael O’Sullivan, James Neill, William  Murphy, Murtagh Kelly.

1836, d 1863Patrick O’SullivanSeneschal of Altham, Mill Cove, Berehaven, Bantry and Donemark from 1843.Millcove, Castletownbere. Lord Bantry estate appointed. Not legally qualified. Parliamentary Report 1837, Eppi. Baronial collector since 1825 deputy Denis Murphy (Irish speaking) as collector.Ran Berehaven Esatte for Lord Bantry and his English Bankers, Somers Payne ran the rest. In 1841 election rounded up tenants and middlemen from Castletown and Adrigole to vote in the Conservative interest in Cork.Sitting as Grand Juror, Cork 1842, 1844, Cork County Agriculture Society Dinner 1842.

Eugene O’Sullivan

(c.1835-1892), an American millionaire coffee broker who was born at Bere Haven in Ireland. His parents, Eugene O’Sullivan Sr and his wife Frances (née Downey) took their young son Eugene with them when they emigrated to the United States in about 1847-9. In 1865, Eugene Jr married in New York Christina O’’Sullivan, described in the newspaper report as a daughter of he late Patrick O’Sullivan of Mill Cove House, Bere Haven.

Obituary 1863

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