1837 Cork Election.  Report on Fictions Votes Electorate 8,600, Appendix Lists many for Cork City, Liberties of Cork and Country Freemen Entitled to Vote, by Address, Occupation, Valuable in view of Total Lack of 1830s Census.

The report is on the Cork 1837 election on factious votes.  The electorate was 8,600 and in the appendices there are a large number of voters listed.  Some addresses adn occupations are given.  Very valuable as no 1830s census records for Cork have survived.
For anyone with stamina there is an investigation street by street on voting entitlement by reference to valuations together with whether apprentices were properly enrolled.
The procedure for registration by an Assistant Barrister is covered with those from the country have in to attend at Cork to register.
The thrust of the analysis seems to be that the Cork Protestant interest is maintained by vote manipulation and now being challenged by Catholic Merchants and lawyers.  Examples seem to be the Rev. Somers Payne (also head of the Orange Order in Cork) enrolling his labourers as apprentices so he could rely on their votes.  Ironically his mother was Shears, of the same family as the Shears brothers, executed as United Irishmen.