Catherine O’Donovan (1788-1858), Educational Pioneer Clonakilty School of Industry, Granddaughter Alexander O’Donovan  Died  1785, of Squince, in the Parish of Myross,  the Head of Clann Lochlain, second in seniority to Clann Cathail.

Samuel Jervois who married in 1832 was living:  “In Cork, Samuel JERVOIS Esq of Clontuff, to the eldest daughter of Alexander DONOVAN of Squince house Esq”.

Maternal Grandfather:

Timothy Deasy The Elder (c1739-), 1793, Barr’s Hall, Timoleague, 1793, Son Timothy and Ann Donovan m Honoria O’Donovan d Cornelius 1759.   First Catholics to be JP since the Treaty of Limerick.  Family fortune reputed to be based on smuggling. Daughter Ann married Dr. James Donovan son of Alexander of Squince head of the Clann Lochlann branch second in seniority to the lann Cathal sept.  Founded brewery in 1807 at Shannon Square, Clonakilty.  Superseded 1810-30

Brother Rickard Donovan:

Hi will and circle:

Richard/Rickard Donovan (1799-1883), Lisheens, Ballincollig, listed 1838, Clerk of the Crown (State Solicitor)  for Co. Cork from 1838, son of Dr. Donovan and Ann Deasy daughter of Timothy Deasy first Catholic J.P. since the Treaty of Limerick.   Brother Alexander Judge in Jamaica in 1842. Grand son of Alexander O’Donovan of Squince, in the Parish of Myross was the Head of Clann Lochlain, second in seniority to Clann Cathail.  Clonakilty.  1870, listed Mount Desert, 15 acres. Probate to Denis McCarthy Gallivey (should be Galwey), Greenfield, Clonakilty, £10,164.

Extended O’Donovan/Deasy family:

Other Woman Educational Pioneer from Bantry Sister Benignus in Australia:


Looking at her will she struggled financially with the shool and was most anxious to discharge all liabilities.