Major John Reid’s Grant, Patent enrolled 14th January 1666. Basis for Evanson later Lord Bandon Durrus Estate lands Derrycloughshagh (South part), Dromunder of Drominihy, Munane, Toughbane, Cappagh, Colshateriffe alias Clasnatariffe, Moulerane, Castleventry (part), Coarquolaghy or Coorecolaghy (Coolculaghta, Durrus?), Coolenslonge (part) bounded on the west with Tully and Kealty (Tullagh/Kealties Durrus), on the south by the sea on the east by Clony (Clonee/Durrus), on the north and north west with unprofitable mountains al in Carbery. Total acreage (statute) was 6,069 which included an odd particle of a few hundred acres rent £56 17s 11d.

Reed seems to have been promoted to Colonel later as per other deeds.

The Durrus lands were McCarthy Muclagh formerly at Scart just off Bantry Cork Road.  They moved to Coolnaliong c 1610 townland Gearhameen house still in fair condition.  The land was forfeit.  Around 1690 the Evansons  bought Colonel Reid’s interest.  They got into difficulty c 1720 and Francis Bernard bought their interest and leased it back.  That lease expired in 1850 and the Bandon estate then ran it directly initially through Colonel Bernard then through Wheeler Doherty Land Agent and Solicitor in Bandon.

Legal Tenure Durrus District: