West Cork History

Francis McNamee had a piece in ancestry.com in 2010 taken from Gentleman’s Magazine Vol 19 October 1749 page 463 in relation to Sir Richard Cox and Dunmanway:

Submission from the Remberances, October 14th:

This writer quotes a faying of Themistocles the Athenian, Put but a poor and languid city under my care, and I will render it rich and flourishing; Which kind of ability; is what alone. he says, constiutes a great and able politician. Sir Richard Cox of Ireland in the year of 1733, came to the possession of a large, fruitful but uncultivated tract of land, inhabitated by a race of beggars, grown by habitual wretchedness so hardened that tho’, no sensible of the smart, they were not ashamed to prefer hunger and idleness to labour and competency. He therefore, directed his thoughts to remedy this evil; and wisely concluded that nothing but the establishment of a staple…

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