1822 Petition of Joshua H Cox, Manor House, Dunmanway for continuance of Mother’s Pension of £200 Mentions Favourable Treatment of French Officers in 1796, French Officers on Parole entertained at Balls, Petition of Herbert Gillman, Woodbrook, Dunmanway, to be Re-Instated as Magistrate,  Mentions his Role in preventing Spread of the ‘Insurrectionary Spirit’ in the South of Ireland in the Winter of 1821, Other Baldwin Magistrates, Co. Cork.

The reference to the French Officers are those captured in the abortive attempt to invade Ireland in 1796 through Bantry Bay.  The officers were on parole and enjoyed the local social life balls etc for a number of months.

The Coxes descend from Cox of Bandon, a barrister, who became a Judge in the late 17th Century in Dublin.  The family founded the modern town of Dunmaway and the linen industry by introducing artisans from Fermanagh an North Leitrim whose descendant are still in the area.

These are from the Chief Secretary papers currently being digitalised.   The project was made possible by a bequest from the late Professor Francis J Crowley. Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Professor Crowley was educated at Yale and Princeton, and became a professor of French at the University of California at Los Angeles. Both his parents were born in Ireland, and in his will he bequeathed most of his estate to the Republic of Ireland to be used for the preservation of records of the history of the Irish people.

The original are available for inspection in the Dublin Archives.

Major Bennett Watkins Gillman,  Pre 1910, The Retreat, Clonakilty, son of Herbert Gillman, Bennet’s Grove, Clonakilty, late 12th Regiment of Foot, his son John St. Ledger Gillman b 1870, JP.   1870, listed 1,204 acres.

Doctor Gillman, 1843, Bantry Quarter Sessions.

Herbert Gillman Esq, 1824, Bennet’s Grove, Clonakilty, Superceded 1810-30, petitioned Chief Secretary to be reinstated, originally appointed 1813, his role in preventing the spread of the “insurrectionary Spirit’ which broke out all over the south of Ireland in the winter of 1821 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837.

Herbert Gillman -pre 1870), 1813, Woodbrook, Dunmanway, (same name twice), Superceded 1810-30, appealed 1822.  Subscriber as Junior may be son Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. Reps  1870, listed 484 acres.

Herbert Gillman, sitting Ballineen, 1835.

Herbert Webb Gillman (1832-1898), 1875, Clonstead House, Coachford, born Australia? President Cork Historical and Archaeological Society.  copied many historical documents destroyed 1922.  Family moved to England post 1922, Longs later bought property.  Executor of Herbert Gillman, Clonteadmore, 1877, £1,500. His estate £2,294 executors Liutenant Webb Webb Gillman RHA adn Ann Gillman widow both Clonteadmore.  

James Gillman, Junior, 1799, Balhenbrack (Balteenbrack), Dunmanway

John St. Ledger Gillman b 1870, JP. 1896, son of Major Bennett Watkins Gillman, JP,  The Retreat, Clonakilty, grandson of Herbert Gilman, Bennet’s Grove, Clonakilty, m 1891,  Jane Rolf, d Thomas Sherlock, Solicitor, Bandon, listed 1913.