1871 Cork Notables from Melbourne Advocate, Australia, a Catholic Newspaper.

Of the personnel Michael Joseph Barry:

1817-1889 Michael Joseph Barry Barrister Poet ‘Kishohue Papers’ , Songs of Ireland, The Green Flag, step Together, nephew of Bishops Dr. England probably of Charlestown, Carolina. Imprisoned 1843 ultimately became Police Magistrate Dublin. Lived Highland Cottage, Blackrock. Young Irelander Editor Southern Reporter, co-author of ‘A Treatise on the Practice of the High Court of Chancery of Ireland with Mr. Justice Sadlier, died early 1889 after a sojurn on the Continet a widower with no children. . Highly thought of by Gavan Duffy and others A notice by Frank MacDonagh in The Nation (16 Feb. 1889) characterises Barry as a ‘brilliant songwriter who helped build up a National literature for Ireland.’ Report on 1850 dinner for Sir Robert Kane, President Queens College.

Thomas Sheehan:

Died 1836 Thomas Sheehan Barrister Newspaper Owner Author ‘Sketches of the Munster Bar’, owner 1826 Cork Mercantile Chronicle radical paper expousing tenat working man rights. Buried Ballyphane St. Josephs grave in Ogham

The Englands were from Bandon one became Archbishop of Savanagh, South Carolina.

Father O’Leary:






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