West Cork History

William Jennings (1837-1922), Toughbaun, Dunmanway, West Cork and Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.

From Family History:

When William Jennings was just 21 years old he married Jane Jennings who was 19 years in Cork, Ireland, and set sail to gather a fortune at the Australian Goldfields and return home in a few years. They brought little more than a trunk of essential clothing. During the 3 month voyage to Melbourne, small pox broke out and Jane was desperately ill and frantically worried as to her appearance and a possible rejection by her young husband. She lost the sight of one eye as a result.
They travelled by boat from Melbourne to Port Albert and then by bullock dray to the Omeo area.

No tales were told of the goldfield days, which were obviously a fiasco. In 1862, William found a secure position as the resident Mounted Constable in charge of Bruthen Station…

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