West Cork History


Effects of the Famine many of the same Surnames as in North America:


The late 18th century and early 19th century was a boom period for Irish agriculture caused by the Napoleonic wars. After the end of the wars a deep depression descended made worse in areas such as West Cork by the collapse of the home weaving sector.  Emigration commenced in late 1820s of Protestant families and gathered pace in the later decades.  These families were small to middling tenant farmers with a sprinkling of labourers and carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, etc.  The area looked at is the triangle bounded by Skibbereen, Bantry, and Crookhaven.  Among the families (Catholic) from this area and period were those of the singer Bing Crosby.

At the time Rochester, New York was enjoying a boom due to the opening of the Erie Canal linking the Atlantic to the Great Lakes.  In politics…

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