Beginning of Political Machine: Disputed Election 1841, Box from West Division of West Carbery, Co. Cork.  In some case no vote is registered the person is placed in the relevant camp by an educated guess.

The demarcation between Catholic/Nationalist, Protestant/Pre Union is clear.  However in looking at detailed genealogies there is much blurring as a result of intermarriage.

There were comments in the later successful election of Rickard Deasy Q.C. of Clonakilty (later Attorney General for Ireland) that his success was down to Timothy O’Donovan J..P, from O’Donovan’s Cove getting his tenants to Cork to exercise their vote.

Additional detail:

For Leader Longfield

John Abraham Jagoe, Kilronan, Derrycarhoun.

Thomas Baldwin, Skibbereen, Shounlalla. Magistrate:

Thomas Baldwin Esq (1795-1871), 1819, Mardyke/North St., Skibbereen, son of Arthur, sitting Skibbereen, 1835. 1828 application to Dublin Castle re gas supply for Skibbereen.  1841 election voted Longfield/Leader.

William Baldwin, Castletowsend. Possibly Magistrate.

William B. Baldwin Esq, Pre 1831, Lissard, 1842, (William B.) Bantry Quarter Sessions, 1862, Jane widow, married 1865, M.C. Vallance Whiteway.

St. George Brown, Rockboro, Killeanleagh.

Thomas Ducklow (Dukelow), Cresadoe (Clashadoo).  Married Frances Coughlan, Clashadoo c 1815 she probably of Carrigmanus Protestant Coughlans of whom Jeremiah Coughlan was one.  He was an attorney and agent to the Devonshire estate 1700 and partner with Nathaniel Evanson of Durrus who were related by marriage and took ploughlands in Durrus from Bernards of Bandon/

Robert Evans, Arderaly. Evans family early Methodists. May be cousin of Rachel Evans, Lissangle, Caheragh married c 1805 James Crowley, Apothecary (Chemist), North St., Skibbereen and possibly fro Ballyourane, Caheragh.  His brother ‘Doctor’ Jerry Crowley, Apothecary, North St., founder Phoenix Society and swore Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa in.

Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Four Mile Water, Durrus. Middleman and Land Agent.  Died young.  His brothers Hungerford and Doctor Charles guardians of his children.  Either his sister of cousin married Rev. John Madras, their grand daughter married grandson of Daniel O’Connell, his father Charles O’Connell, resident Magistrate in Bantry.  His uncle married to a niece of Robert Swanton, Ballydehob, United Irishman and later Admiralty Judge, new York.

Rev. Alleyn Evanson, -1853) Pre 1828, Durrus, sitting Bantry, 1835.  Middle Man , Land Agent.  While a curate in Schull 1829 he stated that there were 1,200 Protestants in the Parish, Freeman Bandon, 1841 election voted Longfield/Leader. Either his sister or cousin Martha Evanson married Rev. John Madras, their grand daughter married Daniel O’Connell’s grand son, his father was Charles O’Connell, Resident Magistrate, Bantry. Probate 1853, £5 (may be nominal for conveyancing). After death wife moved to Mespil Estate, Dublin is brother Hungerford and Dr. Henry Baldwin of Cork guardians of young children.

Hungerford Baldwin Evanson, Four Mile Water, Durrus. Brother and guardian of children of Rev. Alleyn.

Richard Tonson Evanson, Ardoguina, Durrus.

Lionel John Fleming, Newcourt.  Magistrate:

Lionel John  Fleming-1869),  Oldcourt (Reenmorragh), Skibbereen, pre 1831, listed 1838, sitting Skibbereen 1850, 1861.  1841 election voted Longfield/leader.  Probate £1,400, 1869 to Becher L. Fleming, Oldcourt and Rev.Horace Fleming, Kilnagross, Clonakilty.

William Long, Greenmount.

Rev. Richard Walton Marmion, Cook St., Cork, The Island.

Philip Somerville, Union Hall. May be Magistrate.

Philip Somerville, Priory (Prairie), Schull, 1850, listed 1850, 1856, 3rd son Thomas, Drishane, and Mary d Philip Townsend, Derry, m 1. daughter Horace Townsend, 2. 1816 Harriet d Richard Townsend, the Point, 3. Isabella d Redmond Uniacke, Old Court, Captain South Cork Militia.  Listed in 1841 election Longfield/Leader.

William Theophilus Sims, Bantry.  Probably lived at Waterfall, Beara house now owned by film director Neil Jordan.

James Sullivan, West Clonee. Related to Vickerys. Of O’Sullivan Hurrig family some claim descent from O’Sullivan Bere.

Rev. Godfrey Clarke Charles William Smith, Lissabrinny.  Possible Magistrate:

Rev. Charles Smyth, Rector of Bantry, 1797, possibly voted 1841 election for Longfield/Leader as Rev. Godfrey Clarke Charles William Smith, address Lisbrinny.

Robert Swanton, Gortnagrough.  Probably same family as Judge Robert Swanton, United Irishman and Admiralty Judge, New York.  Swantons middle men on Becher and Conner estates.

William Vickery, Ballycommane. One of the largest tenant farmers in Durrus on Carbery estate.  Methodist, model farmer.  Related to Warners and Sullivans.

Benjamin Shaw Wood, Sidney Place, Cork, Farran.

John Smith Wood, Mount Pleasant, Caheragh.

For O’Connell/Roche, mostly £10 freeholders, some registered since 1835.

Robert Barrett, Falabawn.

James Barry,Barraghavella

Denis Bohane, Dunore. KIlcrohane.

John Brown, Knuck.

Philip Bryan (Probably O’Brien), Glenlough.

Jeremiah Crowley, Barraghville.

John Collins, Adruvanaha.

Patrick Collins, Goulane.  Possibly Coolculaghta, Durrus.

Jeremiah Connor, Barraghavilla. Caheragh.

Denis Donovan (Roe), Rearhanagh.

Rev. David  Dore, Cloncugger, Caheragh, built church 1823.  Activist.

Cornelius Driscoll, Keeltoane.

Denis Driscoll, Ardmanagh. Schull.

Joseph Driscoll, Ardmanagh. Schull.

Richard Driscoll, Keeltomane.

Timothy Donovan, Gurranes.

Daniel Duggan, Bantry.

Patrick Goggin, Killeenleagh.

Timothy Hourihane, Caheragh.  My be related to early 20th century activist Peadar Ó h-Anrachain, Gaelic scholar political activist, manager Pigs and Bacon Commission.

James Lucey, Balteen.

Andrew McCarthy, Upper Lessane, Skibbereen.

Charles McCarthy, Lissane.

Cornelius McCarthy, Derreengreenough.

Daniel McCarthy, Upper Lissane.

James McCarthy, Upper Lissane.

Timothy McCarthy, Upper Lissane.

Patrick McCarthy, Ballyadown or Bishopsland. Caheragh.

William McCarthy, Bandon, Droumourtneen.

John Murnane, Letterlickey,

Owen Murnane, Letterlickey, in the 1853 Landed estates sale of estate of Samuel Hutchinson including Letterlickery tre are lease listed for the Murnanes and McCarthys of 1820s.  they were very substantial tenant farmers as ee the McCathys.  part of a network including Tobins, Kilcrohane, Fitzgerals, Baltimore, Sullivans and Hurleys, millers Shopkeepers, teachers Durrus, who intermarried.

Timothy Murnane, Letterlickey (two of same name)

Timothy Murnane, Letterlickey,

Patrick Murnane, Letterlickey.

Patrick Neil, Achiard.

James O’Callaghan, Barnatonicane. Ballydehob.

Jeremiah O’Connell, Upper Lessane.

Daniel O’Donovan, Norton Cottage, Rearahanaugh, Skibbereen.  Doctor, Landlord  and Magistrate.

Dr. Daniel O’Donovan 1818, Norton Cottage, Skibbereen, listed 1838 , son Richard Esq. O’Donovan Cove, and Jane d Alexander O’Donovan, Squince.  Fond of dogs.  Father of Dr. O’Donovan author History of Carbery.  Brother of Timothy and Richard O’Donovan JP and uncle of Richard O’Donovan JP. Daniel O’Donovan MD has land in Knockeens, Glanroon in Griffiths.  Voted 1841 election for O’Connell/Roche.  He was married to a sister of Rickard Deasy of the Clonakilty brewing family, MP. and Attorney General for Ireland and later Judge.

James O’Hea, Derreenivirche.

Patrick O’Hea, Killeenleagh.

Thomas O’Hea, Dreeneveragh.

Daniel O’Sullivan, City of Dublin, Farramand (Farranamanagh, Kilcrohane?)

Daniel Regan, Deelish. Skibbereen

John Salter, Ballydehob.

Cornelius Sullivan, Ardahill.  Probably Kilcrohane.

Denis Sullivan, Ballydehob.

Edmund Tobin, Gortavollig, probably related to extended ’King’ Richard Tobin family he was local agent to Lord Bantry active in land dealings, road building, son Richard Junior businessman in Durrus.

Patrick Tobin, Gortavollig, Gortavallig, may have given evidence to enquiry Bantry 1840s

John Young, Barraghavella.

Robert Young, Rearhanagh.

Thomas Young, Rearhanagh.

O’Donovan Political Machine: