West Cork History



In Australia:

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Entire Recollections:


In Frank Callanan’s biography of Tim Healy (Politician, barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State) he states that his grandfather Healy was a classical teacher in Bantry.  In the recollections James relates how he was taught by a master called Healy it may be the same man.

The above house may have been the residence of James Stanley Vickery.  It is owned by Mr Jimmy Swanton, Moloch, Durrus and was lived in until around 25 years ago.

These are an extract of the early memories of James Stanley Vickery who later went to Australia.  He founded a business in Ballarat dealing in chemicals, food products etc.  This successful business remained in the Vickery family until World War 2.

He was born in Skibbereen and after his parent died of Asiatic cholera in 1832 he and his two sisters went to live with…

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