West Cork History

Subscription list of donations by the Gentlemen of the Parish of Bantry, sent by Father Peter O’Sullivan, Parish Priest of Bantry, West Cork, 8th January 1732 to Bishop Doctor Teige McCarthy Rabagh, against Penal Laws included are The Worthy Mr. Henry Gallwey £1-10-0 his generous and worthy son £1-3s, Nicholas Mead 5/5d, Andrew Morrogh, William Gallwey, John Casey, Patrick Skiddie, Cornelius Sexton, James Gould, Daniel Leahy, Robert Gallwey, and Richard Casey each contributed 2 shillings 8 pence halfpenny, Conformity and the Fishing Trade, Father Walsh parish priest of Durrus and Aonghus Ó Dalaigh, poet.

There is a query as to what coin 5s 5d and 2shillings 8 pence halfpenny represented.

Some of the names Galwey, Mead, Skiddy, Morrogh, Gould were prominent Cork City Catholic Merchant names in the 17th century. It is likely that in 1723 they were involved in the fishing business and Continental trade which was thriving. Later…

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