West Cork History

Cultural Vandalism in Ireland in the 1970s, machining away the Royal Insignia in Post Office Boxes at the Department of Post and Telegraphs, Engineering Workshops, Dublin.

A standing joke used to be that the only difference independence made to Ireland was the Post Boxes were painted green from red. Under the green paint lurked or still lurks the insignia of what ever British Monarch reigned when the box was installed.

The decision to repaint the post boxes from red to green was taken by Cork T.D., the Post-Master General, James J. Walsh in February 1922.

In the 1970s boxes were returned to the engineering stores for maintenance. From time to time operatives would spend quite a while machining away all traces of the Old Conqueror. It is not likely that this would have been approved at a senior level but at some stage lower down a blind eye was turned.

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