West Cork History

Losses of Sir William Hull Leamcon, Schull, West Cork, 1641 and his Fishery at Newfoundland, part of greater Fishery which suffered from Bank failure in Bilbao in Basque Country 1641, Cornish Mining links.

Hull’s fishery at the end of the 16th and early 17th century was part of a larger fishery at Baltimore, Crookhaven and Whiddy/Bantry Bay. It is probably that may involved came from Cornwall going on names Hull, Symms etc. Recent research suggests that Hull also had interests in Newfoundland at the time.

Incidentally there were further close Cornish links in the 19th century Mining in West Cork with the Mining Captains and many of the miners in Allihies Copper Mines were Cornish.

It is probably that the fisheries were financed from London and the produce exported widely later to Spain where political conditions allowed.

In 1836 in evidence to a Parliamentary Enquiry Mr Young then still active…

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