West Cork History

Charles Haughey and Roger Hayes a reforming duo at the Department of Justice 1959-1964, the Succession Act influence of the Brehon Laws outrage to the threat to the integrity of the family farm and the threat to ‘Women of certain age’


The public sins of Charlie Haughey are well known and ventilated. A lesser episode in the career of this complex character is his tenure at the Department of Justice. Firstly as 2 years as Parliamentary Secretary to Oscar Traynor and as full Minister for around two years from October 1961. There Is a road in north Dublin called after Traynor.

Traynor was an elderly cadre veteran like many in FF/FG of the War of Independence and Civil War. Like many of his confreres he ruled a rigid unyielding Department over one of the microstates of Ireland post partition. The Department in the 1950s was involved in holding the…

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