A Projection as to how Cork Plantation Towns, Bandon, Clonakilty and Projected Baltimore, Newcestown might have looked Ironmongers and Vintners Companies, London, Houses At Bellaghy, Co. Derry Maps by Tomas Raven, 1625, of Londonderry plantation undertaken a order of Sir Thomas Phillips.

The Grand July sat at various times in the year rom the late 17th century and assessed  various items of what  be termed infrastructure, roads, bridges.  The Jury would consist of the county Lieutenants and Magistrates and could be quite substantial in umber.  If a project was approved money was voted to the selected contractor.   The work was then assessed by the county surveyor and financial control exercised by the county treasurer.


Fro  the early 19th century the Cork County Treasurer De La Cour submitted reports to the Imperial Parliament in Wesminister and it is possible to see some of these.  For Cork it appears that little from the 18th century has survived.   Sometimes in old  newspapers there are reference to the Grand Juries deliberations.


The County Antrim presentments shows the format which presumably applied throughout the Island.