West Cork History

From Richard S. Harrison’s book, ‘Four Hundred Years of Drimoleague”, 1999

Obligations of Donal 11 )’Donovan to Overlord Mccaarthy from 1584.

This is set out an an inquisition held in 1607.

An item called a ‘dolly’ and a sum of 6 groats and a penny a half acre eyearly. A ‘cuddihie’ of 14d had to be paid each Christmas for ech ploughland. There was a pomndage of a hog for every tenant with more than five hogs.. There were other sums on cattle and a special fee of six shillings towards the marriage of his daughters and two bushels of oats for every ploughland an the ‘half of all frais, strais and bloodsheds’

For ploughlands in early Ireland:

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