West Cork History


Davy Crocket’s ancestor James Crockett born c 1674 (may be later) was the child of one of the 13 Huguenots who worked with James Fontaine in a short lived fishing enterprise around the late 17th century  to the early 1700s.  He was  Louise de Sax Crocketagne (Anglicised to Crockett) mother Antoine.  The fishery was in the Castletown/Dursey area.

Interestingly Fontaine (James Fountain 1702) and his son James Fountaine Junior (1710) were appointed Justices of the Peace for Co. Cork suggesting that they were well connected


Ancestor of Davy Crockett, Battle of the Alamo, http://www.writework.com/essay/biography-davy-crockett-and-battle-alamo

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