1700, Dives Downes on Kilmoe (Ballydehob/Schull/Crookhaven), West Cork, Lands Recently Forfeit by Coppinger and O’Mahony now Hull, Bishop of Cork, Colonel Beecher, Earl of Cork, in Crookhaven, Arthur Hyde, Thadeus Coghlan/Coughlan, Rectories College of Youghal control Wrested from Earl of Cork by Lord Strafford, Old Chapel at Kilkanget near Dunmanus Castle, In O’Sullivan Country Universally Observed as Festival St Roan’s Day, Tithes on Fishing, later Rev. Fisher, Teampall na mBocht.

From Maziere Brady.

There are references to the Coughlans, this branch were Protestant from around 1600 associated with Hulls and Boyle. Jeremy/Jeremiah married Susan Evanson of Gearhameen (Durrus Court), Durrus was Attorney, Seneschal, agent with Andrew Crotty for Boyle/Devonshire Estates in East Cork/Waterford. The Carrigmanus Coughlans are probably ancestors of one branch of the Durrus Dukelows, from Clashadoo. They are also probably ancestors of the Carrigaline Coughlans who may have been given a small estate by the Earl of Cork.

The Limricks mentioned in litigation with the Coughlans are prevalent in Co. Cork with Catholic as well as Protestant branches.

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