1711, William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania, USA, Properties near Clonakilty, Co. Cork

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Memorial extract — Registry of Deeds Index Project
Memorial No: 2481

Type of deed Date of current deed 6 Jun 1711 Vol Page Memorial
L + R Date of earlier deed 6 430 2481
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
A P1 PENN William of Governor of Pennsylvania
B P1 PENN Hannah of wife of A
C P1 PENN William (jun) of son & heir apparent of A
D P1 PENN Mary of wife of C
E P2 BERNARD Francis of City of Dublin Solicitor General
F P3 LUDLOW Peter of City of Dublin
G W LEIGH James of Waterstown, Co Louth
H W SINGLETON Henry of Drogheda
I W O’NEILLE Arthur of Inner Temple, London
Abstract Numerous properties, By Ibane, & Barry Row, Co Cork. Sworn 6 Oct 1711
MS Date registered Nov 1711 Date abstract added 20070401
Abstract made by: AnneChamney