West Cork History

He was a descendant of the marriage of Michael O’Sullivan, Bantry, (Heart Tax Collector and land Owner and reputed descendant of O’Sullivan Bere) and Mary Vickery, Whiddy Island.

From Ron Price a descendant of the extended family:

Between 1981 and 1990 I made notes immediately after speaking to various Co Cork people about my Cork ancestry. I now wish to make those notes available to anyone interested. Any clarification comments added at this stage are in square brackets. I would welcome any questions or comments.

Source: Thomas (Tommy) Bryan (b 1930) of Ballybrack, Glenville, Co Cork

Notes from conversation on 8 May 1989

– Definitely heard that William Dukelow was relatively prosperous. As well as his 5 sons who worked on the farm he had 2 hired men working from first thing in the morning. Mrs Roberts views, which are slightly anti-William perhaps influenced by his heavy drinking – she…

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